Gekidol and Alice in Deadly School Finally Get Their Airdate

Gekidol Anime Visual

Even with this year’s COVID pandemic constantly knocking at the door like an uninvited houseguest, 2020 has proven to be a productive year for the Gekidol Project. They teased us with their eponymously titled Gekidol and Alice in Deadly School anime back in 2016, but never quite followed up on things. After hearing almost nothing about it for close to five years, the Gekidol Project has finally announced the release dates of their long-belated anime.

Gekidol’s first episode and Alice in Deadly School’s medium-length special will air on 4 January as part of TOKYO MX’s special New Year’s broadcast. Gekidol’s trailer was released back in September along with news concerning the cast and staff, but was without a proper release date until now. Meanwhile, Alice in Deadly School, arguably the most mysterious of the two, only got a visual back in 2016. Now we’ve got the trailer in all of its blood-soaked glory.

The Gekidol project originally came with the promise to be a portmanteau combining the drama of theatre art with the musicality of idol anime. But further inspection shows that this isn’t exactly Love Live! meets Revue Starlight type of deal. Both anime trailers give off strong horror show vibes, with Gekidol taking place during the aftermath of biological end times, and Alice in Deadly School taking place in a zombie-infested high school. 

The comparisons to Gakkou Gurashi are numerous and unavoidable, to the point some people have called the Gekidol Project Gakkou Gurashi 2.0. This might be a downer for folk who want something a bit more original, but one thing’s for sure: When you’ve got the non-scary Zombieland Saga being the closest thing to horror as modern idol anime can get, it’s refreshing to see something like the Gekidol Project create something that actually could deliver legitimate horror.

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