GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Release 20th single “Dreamers”

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Release 20th single “Dreamers”

Whether you’re a gigantic pop-star or a beloved rock band, a prolific producer or a popular idol group, lasting long enough in the music industry to drop 20 real deal singles is quite a feat. GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, one of the bigger EXILE TRIBE / EXILE offshoots, has done exactly this with the release of their latest song ‘DREAMERS’. With an eleven-minute video accompanying it that heavily blurs the lines between promotional video and genuine short film, they’ve really gone all out for their big two-zero single. Grab a drink and sit back when watching this one, because you’re going to be captivated for a while.

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s 20th is a pure feel-good laid back pop jam. It’s that morning cup of coffee as you start your day, a night out at karaoke with your friends, or grabbing an ice-cold beer at your favorite izakaya. Full of life, cheer, and hope ‘DREAMERS’ is one of those songs that will be guaranteed to leave you in a better mood than when you were in five minutes before putting it on. Smooth boy-band verses and a catchy hook with bright production that won’t alienate any listener, it’s a good anthem to release as a big single.

What makes GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s ‘DREAMERS’ even better though is this short film of a music video. It portrays members of the group working somewhat tedious day jobs while trying to give it their all, like convenience store clerk does his best to treat his customers with kindness.  You can tell they all have bigger aspirations but it’ll be impossible for them to achieve those dreams without a little hard work, which might involve getting beaten up by a Kamen Rider look-alike at a stage show day in day out. All in all, it’s a nice and safe, but truly celebratory video the posits the time tested message of being able to do anything if you try.


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