GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Feature Alongside Joji on Upcoming 88rising Album

GENERATIONS from EXILE Feature Alongside Joji on Upcoming 88rising Album

With the ever-continued success of 88rising in bridging international audiences to some of Asia’s hottest talents, it’s very welcome news that GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE are set to appear alongside one of the label’s most recognizable talents, Joji, on an all-new track. Dropping on the label’s upcoming “Head In The Clouds II”, the follow-up album to their 2018 compilation album “Head In The Clouds”, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE find themselves credited on the album’s third track “Need Is Your Love”. Clocking in at a total of sixteen tracks, the EXILE offshoot joins a stacked roster of 88rising frequents, hopefully resulting in an end-product that’ll define the season when it drops on October 11, 2019. Check out the full tracklist below:

01. These Nights / 88rising, Rich Brian, CHUNG HA
02. Strange Land / 88rising, NIKI, Phum Viphurit
03. Need Is Your Love / 88rising, Joji, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
04. Tequila Sunrise (feat. AUGUST 08 & GoldLink) / 88rising, Jackson Wang, Higher Brothers
05. Walking (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer) / 88rising, Joji, Jackson Wang
06. Breathe / 88rising, Joji, Don Krez
07. Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t / 88rising, NIKI, Rich Brian
08. Just Used Music Again / 88rising, RHYME SO
09. Indigo / 88rising, NIKI
10. Hopscotch (feat. Barney Bones & Rich Brian) / 88rising, AUGUST 08, Joji
11. Calculator / 88rising, AUGUST 08, Barney Bones
12. La La Lost You / 88rising, NIKI
13. Hold Me Down / 88rising, Higher Brothers
14. I Love You 3000 II / 88rising, Stephanie Poetri, Jackson Wang
15. 2 The Face / 88rising, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers
16. Gold Coast / 88rising, Rich Brian

While the extended EXILE family continues to perform in Japan, recent years have seen a massive push into international territories, and I can only imagine that 88rising was seen as the perfect way to reach those overseas audiences. With “Head In The Clouds II” being the label’s second showcase compilation album, it’ll come as no surprise to see everyone involved giving it their all; and, as someone who genuinely enjoyed songs on the first album, I’m excited to see just how far the label and their artists take everything this time.

Set to release on all major streaming services on October 11, 2019, I can’t wait to see what the latest offering from 88rising offers, and in particular am stoked to see just how the collaborative efforts of both Joji and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE come together. For those interested in additional information, be sure to check out the “Head In The Clouds II” official website.

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