Gengar Pokémon Plush Made For Keyboards And Cuddling

Gengar Plush Made For Keyboards And Cuddling

Much like the creatures themselves do,  Pokémon plush toys have evolved over the years. Of course, the tag team marketability and cuteness inherent to all pocket markers lead to the replication in plush form about, oh, one day after Red and Blue came out. Since then though we’ve gotten Pokémon in clothing, Pokémon dressed up as different Pokémon, and even Pikachu donning Mario and Luigi caps. This week the next Meta in Pokémon Plushie comes to us in the form of a Gengar who offers both emotional and arm-support for when you’re typing the hours away at your PC.

Gengar Plush

Officially titled the ‘PC Cushion Gengar’ in Japan, this roughly torso-sized plushie comes with a detachable stuffed keyboard you can rest your arms on while you’re typing or reading a book. It retails for 5,720 yen, about 55 dollars, and will be released this December. Insert some line about it being the ‘perfect Christmas present’ here.  The keyboard itself is opting for a pastel and almost Vaporwave type aesthetic which gives it some additional flare.  We can’t claim that a Doctor would recommend the Gengar Cushion if you’re suffering from arm and wrist pains associated with typing. 9 out of 10 doctors would agree it’s a cute solution at least.

Now when you writing your article about the latest in Pokémon plush developments, you can make sure you’ll the proper arm support when delivering the good news.  Why Gengar was chosen to be the Pokémon for this particular idea is beyond us, but they are the perfect shape for smooshing into your chest. We have to wonder what comes next in the world Pokémon plushies? A Dunsparce the doubles as a tissue box? A Milotic you can use as a tape measurer? Truly, the possibilities are endless.

The PC Cushion Gengar will release in Japan this December. You can pre-order it here.

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