Getbackers Are Back With These Gorgeous SuperGroupies Accessories

Getbackers Are Back With These Gorgeous SuperGroupies Accessories

2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of the once relatively popular but now largely forgotten Getbackers. I say largely instead of completely because I did happen to rewatch that 50-episode anime in its entirety last year, but I don’t need to go into that. What I do want to talk about are these new SuperGroupies bags and rings made specifically for the series’ 20th. The premiere high-end anime and games based fashion goods developer are at it again. Literally just the other day I wrote about their Sarazanmai line and earlier this week I touched on their Clannad line. This set thankfully is less expensive than those.

SuperGroupies Getbackers Bags

Getbackers centers around two yaoi-bait characters who both happen to have some freaky powers; ‘The Lightning Emperor’ Ginji Amano and ‘The Man With The Evil Eye’ Ban Mido. Yes, it’s anime folks. The SuperGroupies line only consists of two bags and two rings, one of each based on Ban and Ginji respectively. The bags feature some nice allusions to the characters. Ginji’s green bag is the same color as his signature vest and includes a lightning bolt representing his powers. Ban’s also takes after his outfit, a simple white and black, with the purple and blue beads representing his signature purple glasses and the evil eye.  The ring’s feature similar details, with Ginji’s crown design ring a reference to him being the ‘Lightning Emperor’ and Ban’s snake-shaped ring a tribute to his powerful ‘Snake Bite’ attack.

SuperGroupies Getbackers Rings

The series always existed in a weird limbo. Getbackers was a little too dark and violent to be a proper shonen series but it wasn’t quite a Berserk or Gantz either. What’s more, the whole series features some very pretty men, making it popular with traditionally female audiences back in the day. The anime ended way before the manga did and in The United States, Tokyopop folded as a company before getting to complete the story. However, Getbackers is back in Japan as these SuperGroupies goods are not the only new merch available. There’s also a pop-up shop that will also feature more tradition merch like keychains and the like in Ikebukuro for the next few weeks.

Getbackers Store In Ikebukuro

The SuperGroupies Getbackers merch will be available in late September.

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