Long Standing Japanese Winery Introduces Getter Robo Wine

Getter Robo Arc Anime

Today, long-standing Japanese winery Huggy Wine announced a new wine based on the Getter Robo mecha series.

Getter Robo Wine Bottle

Japanese alcoholic drink manufacturers frequently collaborate with various different anime, video games, and manga series. This new collaboration with Getter Robo is no different, and with the upcoming release of Getter Robo Arc, the timing couldn’t be any better.

Getter Robo Wine

The wine is made from Muscat Berry A, a black grape variety indigenous to Japan, and is produced by the long-established winery Huggy Wine in Yamanashi. It was awarded a double gold medal at the Sakura Awards 2021, an international wine competition for women in Japan, and a gold medal at the Feminalise World Wine Competition, an international liquor competition judged by female wine experts from around the world. The wine is characterized by its aromatic and refreshing taste that is easy to drink and goes well with simple meat dishes, yakitori, and Japanese food.

The bottle features Getter 1 from the first anime series (1974-1975) holding a bottle and a glass filled with wine.

Getter Robo Key Holder

The bottles of Getter Robo wine will be available from 18 June 2021 through 4 July 2021 and there will also be other goods available such as t-shirts and soft vinyl dolls. Anyone who purchases a bottle of wine for ¥3,300 will also get a special Getter Robo-themed acrylic key holder.

Huggy Wine, Dynamic Planning
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