Giant Kirby Pillow Plush Could Enter Your Home Soon

Giant Kirby Plush Cover

Giant Kirby Pillow Plush. Repeat that phrase to yourself until it becomes a mantra you take with yourself wherever your walk through life takes you. In all your time existing on our imperfect earthly plane, has a phrase as perfect as ‘Giant Kirby Pillow Plush’ ever made itself available to you? Did your dreams allow you to envision such an endearing and wonderful Mega-Sized Kirbied Plushie Pillow? If they had, congratulations, you’re a psychic and your dreams are coming true. If not, join us in regaling at the overstuffed, rose-tinted, soft-to-the-touch glory we never knew we always needed.

Giant Kirby Plush Cover
You’re gonna have to enter your own caption for this one, readers.

Just looks at that snug little face! Doesn’t it evoke the poetry of your soul? The Giant Kirby Pillow Plush half looks like it’s ready for a nap and half-ready to listen to all of your problems, no matter how infantile. If you’re willing to shell out 11,000 yen plus whatever additional international or national shipping may cost, sometime around late June of this year, a comically oversized rendition of Nintendo’s joyous strawberry-cream puff marshmallow fiend you can cuddle, use as an armrest, or even sleep on will come straight to your door or locally registered P.O. Box.

Giant Kirby Plush Cover
We don’t think the purchase includes this entire inspired room.

Kirby stands apart from Nintendo’s other instantly recognizable characters for a handful of reasons: He can sure suck-up an objectively greater mass of food than his electric mouse coworker, he’s more adorable than the Italian plumber / dinosaur extinguisher, and his essentially spherical body makes for the best conversion into Pillow merchandise. Our Giant Kirby Pillow Plush in subject looks to be all the hug popping in Kirby and The Crystal Shards would be, but with better back support depending on how he’s used compared to hunching over a Nintendo 64 controller.

Pre-order the Giant Kirby Pillow Plush here, but do so before February when they close up shop.

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