Gintama Gets A Third Anime Film Because It’s Immortal

Gintama Gets A Third Anime Film Because It's Immortal

As far as we know, Hideaki Sorachi’s seminal manga Gintama is finally, actually, for real over now. It first ended in Weekly Shonen Jump only to continue in the digital Shonen Jump Giga publication and eventually had its, for now, final chapters run in a dedicated Gintama app. Never as popular as a My Hero Academia or a Naruto, however, this jump title grew a gigantic cult audience over the years. In fact, I know a number of people who stopped watching anime or never really was more than a casual fan but still kept up week to week for over a decade to watch or read Gintama. Its alien brand of humor which has only morphed and became more encompassing as it went along has charmed many of the years, and they’ll be happy to know we are getting another animated Gintama movie.

Sunrise had been teasing that the series would receive another animated entry for a while. With the release of the manga’s 77th volume, the wrap-around confirmed it’d be a getting a new anime film. This comes after a successful two live-action movies that are better than most manga to film adaptations, especially those of the Shonen Jump variety. Netflix’s Bleach and Death Note? How about Dragon Ball Evolution? Thankfully, being an anime film, we won’t have to worry about the worst of the worst happening.

We’re not yet sure when exactly this new Gintama movie will come out. The latest Gintama TV anime covered most of the manga’s final arc, but it’s possible this new movie will take on the digital-only chapters that not everybody got to read. It could also be an original story to satiate those who already want more Gintama, but again we won’t know until more information’s become available.

Sometime in the not so distant future, a third Gintama anime film by Sunrise is set to come out.

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