GIRLFRIEND Go for a Slow Burn On “Sore Dake”


Rock group GIRLFRIEND have a busy 2020 in front of them. They will go on a world tour in the near future, and they’ve had to take some time out of their schedule to talk to this very website about a variety of topics (including video games and anime, natch). Of course, releasing new music also factors into all this. Earlier this week, the band shared “Sore Dake,” a slow-burning number going for end-credits emotional takeoff. Watch the video for it below.

As the accompanying clip lays bare, “Sore Dake” is a rollercoaster love song where downs shoot into ups pretty quickly, all of it rendered as big above all else. Part of this owes to the person teaming up with GIRLFRIEND to produce this number. Laid out right there in the upload title, this one got some help from Shota Shimizu. The singer-songwriter excels at these kinds of emotional firecrackers, oftentimes with a slow-build nature. He’s good at it, though he also doesn’t have a hook per se to really set himself off from others. In this case though, that’s a positive as it allows GIRLFRIEND to get most of their sound in. This ends up being their song above all else, and Shimizu is there just to massage it a bit.

On that end, the quartet delivers a strolling melody allowing them plenty of space to deliver contemplative lyrics and some energy-inserting guitar solos along the way. Considering this is a band that sounds deep in thought even when moving at a speedier pace, this approach allows them to really plumb the emotional depths a ballad demands, and they handle it well. It takes a certain type of artist to pull off a number like this, and on “Sore Dake” GIRLFRIEND show they know how to make this style work for their sound. 

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