Girls Don’t Cry Takes Fashion Very Seriously

Girls Don’t Cry Takes Fashion Very Seriously

Japanese street fashion is quickly becoming quite the force to be reckoned with, both in Japan and internationally. It has branched off into so many different subcategories, from the recognizable decora of Harajuku to some that feel a little darker, such as Yami Kawaii.

Some straddle the line between styles, blending, and mixing to reach something new and fresh while feeling classic and familiar. One such brand that does that with ease is Girls Don’t Cry, the street brand by designer Verdy. 

Girls Don’t Cry was released in 2017 and in a few quick years became a massive brand designers dream of. The brand has collaborated with household names and high fashion companies alike, from Nike to Uniqlo, even Union Tokyo.

The brand is such a massive hit that it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on it. If you live in Japan your chances are higher but even then, they’re still very small. At this point, it almost feels like a rite of passage for fashion enthusiasts. 

If you do manage to find a piece for sale, get ready for the price tag. It comes with a hefty dollar sign but, it feels more like a prize than a splurge. 

It’s become highly recognizable, partly due to the brand itself but also the designer. Verdy, the creator, is synonymous with the brand because it feels so very him. He’s a happy man, always smiling to the point that that’s the brand as well.

The brand has become synonymous with simplicity, but not in a bad way. The clothing features iconic fonts that are paired with rich color schemes. It’s a dreamy blend of both low-key with incredibly intentional. The blend of punk rock with a bit of classic silhouettes and color schemes leaves purveyors of fashion drooling. 

And it’s his pure attitude in regards to happiness and joy that comes across with Girls Don’t Cry, making it a huge hit with almost everyone that sees it. The designs are so recognizable they’ve spurred dozens of replicants out there.

But none are quite the same. The brand got its start from a fateful trip to Los Angeles with him and his wife. It’s sweet really, taking moments with his wife and using that to inspire the work he is able to create. Verdy wanted to create a brand that simply put, was something he would like.

The last collaboration was between Girls Don’t Cry and another big Japanese street brand HUMAN MADE. The line was released in early 2020, hitting online stores February 14th. It makes sense that a collaboration between adored streetwear brands would be released on Valentine’s day.

The release marks their second collaboration, featuring totes, sweaters, t-shirts, and even some mugs. Fashion doesn’t inherently have to stick to just clothing. The collaboration features the iconic Girls Don’t Cry font with HUMAN MADE’s branding, mixing the best of both brands. 

As for hunting down pieces of the elusive brand, it’s hard but not impossible. Online retailers can feature some pieces of the brand, but at a heavy price. The sneaker collaboration between Girls Don’t Cry and Nike SB had a hefty price tag and a limited release. 

Still, part of the appeal of Girls Don’t Cry is the scramble for the products and their usually limited releases. For fans of the brand, it’s something that almost feels synonymous with the clothing itself. 

And while the brand is constantly evolving, a few things remain the same. The iconic font we all know and love from Girls Don’t Cry will presumably stick around for as long as the brand will. 

The care and love that goes into the designs are bound to remain the same as well, weight Verdy dedicating his craft to creating clothes that, not only will fans enjoy but he himself would enjoy too.

After all, Verdy presents something to fashion-savvy folks that seems incredibly obvious but some of us might miss. If you create something you don’t love, why should your potential consumers? In an interview with Complex, Verdy mentioned what drives his brand at its very core. 

“I just want to make good products, things to give to people I love.”

So far we don’t have the word as to when or with whom the next collaboration will be but fans of Girls Don’t Cry wait with bated breath. Guaranteed it’ll sell out quickly, so if owning one of these pieces is something you aspire to, get ready.

Girls Don't Cry
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