GITADORA Exchain Announced! Includes New Beginner Function and More

This week has been absolutely crazy as we have seen announcement releases for three new BEMANI titles such as Nostalgia OP.2, jubeat festo, and now GITADORA Exchain. GITADORA Exchain announced earlier today by KONAMI lacks a few details the other announcements received and that’s ok, but the team does say a location test is planned and more information will be coming soon. KONAMI does state that there will be a beginner function/option added to the release called “Easy Assist”.

Location test details have been shared earlier today and below you can find the time, dates, and location.

GITADORA Exchain location test takes place from July 27-29.

  • SILKHAT Kawasaki Dice
  • Round1 Umeda

The location test ends at 21:00(JST) on Sunday, July 29.

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