Go Slow Caravan and Capcom Announce Street Fighter II Collaboration

Go Slow Caravan SFII

Japanese clothing brand Go Slow Caravan is a brand which has some fairly eclectic designs when it comes to their clothing line. Featuring a number of different apparel items ranging from sweaters to pants, shirts, and hoodies. Their designs are simple yet impactful and quite frankly, now that we’re going into the Fall-Winter season here in Tokyo, their clothing line is a dead ringer to match the season. Today, they announced that they are partnering up with the art director from Swimmy Design Lab, Taku Yoshimizu, and CAPCOM to put their own twist on Street Fighter II with their new collaboration line.

Street Fighter II is one of those titles that has transcended history as one of the most prolific fighting games of all time. From the coin munching arcade cabinets to the multiple versions of the game which have hit the consumer console market, I would be surprised to find anyone that has not at least heard of the Street Fighter II name. Go Slow Caravan has taken a number of the cast from Street Fighter II and developed a line of hoodies that combine the high-quality fabrics that the brand has come to be known for with the exotic art style of Taku Yoshimizu to bring 5 truly unique hoodies to the brand.

Go Slow Caravan SFII Hoodies

There are a total of five hoodies that are being offered through the collaboration each with their own unique designs consisting of the themes of festivals, camping, drinking beers, battle scenes, and being out in nature. Each of the designs truly has its own flair and frankly, I would like to own each of them for myself.

The collaboration starts on September 18th and each hoodie will run for ¥7,900 and can be purchased through the Go Slow Caravan stores in retail as well as through their online web store. We are unsure if they ship overseas so it’s always a good idea to reach out to someone in Japan or get a proxy to order them for you if the Go Slow Caravan Street Fighter II collaboration is something that you’re looking to make your own.

Go Slow Caravan, Capcom
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