Godzilla Singular Point Sees Icon Back In Anime Form

Godzilla Singular Point Sees Icon Back In Anime Form

No denying that the 2010s saw quite the resurgence for the iconic Godzilla, and that was due in part with copyright holder Toho willing to get a little more creative with their property. Technically speaking we got the two new Hollywood Godzilla entries which are the exact type of competent Hollywood blockbuster you’d expect them to be. Of course, the best thing to come from the franchise last decade was Shin Godzilla, a Hideaki Anno film arguably worth delaying the 4th Evangelion movie for. From there, we got an ambitious but lacking futuristic sci-fi CG Netflix Godzilla trilogy. Now again the not so jolly green giant makes the leap back to animation, but with an entirely different formula, in Godzilla Singular Point.

Godzilla Starting Point

Off the bat, we’re getting this fierce new Godzilla design from the legendary Eiji Yamamori, who’s been a key animator at Studio Ghibli for many many years. Godzilla Singular Point will be produced at Bones, a studio with a vastly better track record than Polygon Pictures in collaboration with Orange who promise we’ll be getting a mix of hand-drawn animation and CG. Lastly, the film has multipile ties to Jump’s Blue Excorcist with original manga creator Kazue Katou providing the human character designs and Blue Excorcist movie director Atsushi Takahashi taking up the same role this time around.

Kazue Katou Godzilla

For the record, that Blue Excorcist movie is shockingly good for what you would assume to be an average non-canonical Jump film and it has us feeling optimistic about Godzilla Singular Point. Kazue Katou’s character designs are also filled to the brim with personality and zest, and we can’t wait to see them in an actual trailer. With Mob Psycho 100 and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Bones behind the animation, the film’s sure to look pristine; Something to look forward to when it debuts April 2021 on Netflix.

Godzilla Singular Point will head to Netflix and Japanese TV next April.

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