Good Smile Company Announce ‘PlayStation Suitcase’ Collaboration

Good Smile Company Announce 'PlayStation Suitcase' Collaboration

Good Smile Company really seems to mean serious business when it comes to carry-on suitcases, this time collaborating with PlayStation for a planned release of three different designs. Following what most people thought was a one-off suitcase made alongside Studio TRIGGER, all three new PlayStation Carry-On Luggage pieces are coming at what seems to be a standard 17,500 JPY price tag each (before tax, approx. 160USD). So with a pre-order window from December 21 to January 24, and a planned release in March 2019, are these suitcases worth getting behind?

From left to right: PlayStation Logo ver., PlayStation Mark ver., PlayStation Symbols ver.

Once again Good Smile Company have shown that they are more than capable of designing suitcases. Much like the TRIGGER Suitcase, all three PlayStation designs are sleek, streamlined, and tastefully minimalist. The iconography chosen as the focus for each of the three versions complements this design choice exceptionally. The “PlayStation Mark ver” stands out the most in this regard, slightly edging out its two counterparts in terms of design. My one quarrel, when compared to the TRIGGER suitcase, would be the decision to add vertical indentations along the front and back of the suitcase, which does detract a bit from the minimalist appeal.

The biggest step up from Good Smile’s previous suitcase design would be the branded wheels. While it doesn’t sound like much, having the PlayStation icon on each wheel really brings together the design. It also helps bring together the three variations as a set, but this isn’t really a concern for the regular purchasers.

From left to right: PlayStation Logo ver., PlayStation Mark ver., PlayStation Symbols ver.

It’s unfortunate to have to say that the interior design leaves something to be desired. While the compartmentalization of the two separate halves is nice, the pattern on the fabric is definitely the weak point of the product. The white logos don’t quite complement each other aesthetically, which results in a pattern that feels lacking. The shining exception to this would be in the variation they have decided to use for the “PlayStation Symbols ver.” for which they have opted to use smaller, colored versions of the symbols. This makes each of the three icons a little more distinct and helps bring the pattern together. It also gives off somewhat of a retro vibe, which is a nice touch. It’s a shame they didn’t use this pattern design for the other two versions.

In terms of quality and functionality, the specs are in line with the Good Smile’s TRIGGER Suitcase. Like what was talked about in that article, the sizing is standard and usable in most airlines as carry-on, the volume is a tad low but made-up for by the compartmentalization of the storage, and choice to make the shell ABS/PC alloy instead of 100% Polycarbonate is a bit lackluster but still passable for a suitcase in this price range. The cost is acceptable, even when taking the brand premium into consideration.

In summary, this suitcase is probably worth it for the more dedicated PlayStation fans out there, or at least for people who really dig the Playstation iconography. We are definitely excited to see what else Good Smile Company has in store for us in the world of well designed carry-on suitcases.

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