Good Smile Company Previews TONS of New Figures on Twitter

Good Smile Company, new figures on Twitter

As a result of the State of Emergency in the Tokyo area, the annual Wonder Festival (WonderFes) canceled its in-person convention this year, originally scheduled for 7 February. But even a worldwide pandemic can’t stop the internet, so international otaku can attend a completely digital event this month instead. Good Smile Company, Max Factory and other participants put together WonHobby 32 (that’s short for Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!) and shared some amazing figures.

The event began on 11 February and is expected to continue through 23 February. That sounds like a long time for a convention; but hey, it’s all online, so it’s not like they have to reserve a convention hall, set up booths, or make snacks.

Lots of Figures

The main website for the event is here, and they have a huge photo gallery here. But the most interesting part is probably Good Smile Company’s Twitter account, which has been going nuts with a conveyor belt of announcements about new figures. Let’s look at a few examples:

How about a Figma bunhead solo camper Shima Rin from Yuru Camp?

Or maybe you’d prefer the Nendoroid version of Nadeshiko. Somehow, the smaller chibi size fits her better. If Yuru Camp is too active for you, they also have this Komari Koshigaya from Non Non Biyori.

Sorry, they don’t seem to have the robot-riding Koma-chan plushie from the last episode.

Then, they also have an explosive Megumin from Konosuba, or the useless water goddess Aqua.

They decided to pair together a very cute Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project. I guess if you get these two Nendoroids, they’ll be officially… shipped.

Of course, not everything has to be cute, and they also previewed several mecha/robots, including this MODEROID AV-0 Peacemaker from Mobile Police Patlabor.

This is just a small sample of the figures coming from Good Smile Company, and there will probably be more examples to come. It’s fun to look at, even if you don’t normally buy figures.

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