The Many Faces Of Goro Akechi

The Many Faces Of Goro Akechi

A polarizing figure both in-game and in the hearts of fans, Goro Akechi is something of a complex phenomenon. Any good mystery story is going to have at least one cast member you’re never sure of, one where something’s not right but assuming the worst at the offset would be too obvious, and this time around Akechi is that character. 

The second coming of the detective prince, a spiritual successor to Naoto from Persona 4’s legacy, Akechi treads the line between assistant, rival, and antagonist. 

Throughout the course of the story, we see Akechi switching masks more than once. Loved by some, hated by others you can’t argue his importance in the game.

Akechi Was The Most Underappreciated Character In Persona 5

Without a doubt, Goro Akechi was the most nuanced member of the main Persona 5 cast. Always calm and composed to the public, he first comes off as the type of character who can do no wrong. Naturally, the game forces the player to become suspicious of Akechi pretty quickly. 

However as Persona 5 pushes your brain into questioning his motives, it also forces you to become closer to him. As your S Link with him becomes stronger throughout the game, so does the inner conflict it creates; You don’t know whether to trust Akechi or not, and you don’t know whether it’s okay to like him either.

Despite his prominence in the plot in Persona 5, some fans found that he was to some degree underutilized. Being the most complex character both personality wise and having a more nuanced position in the story, some of us wanted to see more from him. 

In the recently released expansion of the original game Persona 5 Royal, it seems Goro Akechi’s been given a whole lot more to do. Whether the creators genuinely wanted to do more with the character or they’re just responding to fan demands, we’re glad to see Akechi have a bigger spot on the stage the second time around.

His Time As Crow

After a certain point in the gang, Goro Akechi joins up with Joker and the rest of the phantom knights. Donning a crimson red mask with a long nose, he takes up the name Crow when part of the team. He uses a Persona named Robin Hood, who you may know was based on a thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. 

That altruistic quality certainly matches up with Goro Akechi on the surface, who despite being a high schooler spends most of his time being an ace detective helping maintain the peace in society. As if it wasn’t obvious from the start, but with there always being more than meets the eye with Akechi, you’ll have to play the game to see if he’s a trustworthy member of the team or not.

Boy, Akechi Loves Pancakes

Goro Akechi has been known to eat a pancake or two over the course of his time as a detective. During a certain key even in Persona 5, his aptitude for pancakes ends up getting him into a spot of trouble. We don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t played it yet but one could argue his love for pancakes turned out to be a very serious flaw. 

Among certain corners of the internet, Akechi’s hot cake consumption has turned into something of a meme. There’s any number of fan-made videos on youtube spoofing the fact and we’re sure there’s the fan-art to catch. In fact, a cursory google shirt even shows Goro Akechi x Pancake fan fiction. Goes to show this was one of his more endearing qualities.

Who Was Goro Akechi’s Voice Actor?

The answer to the question posited above depends on which vocal track you chose when playing the game. The western release of Persona 5 thankfully allowed fans to choose between English and Japanese, satisfying the most amount of people possible. 

If you’re a Japanese only purist or at least feel that a game set in modern-day Tokyo should be heard in Japan, Goro Akechi was brought to you by Soichiro Hoshi. The Japanese industry vet has been active since the early 90s and some of his prominent roles include Higurashi When They Cry’s protagonist Keiichi Maebara, the beloved (in Japan) protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Kira Yamato, and funnily enough Ben Tennyson in the Japanese dub of Ben 10. 

If you played in English, Robbie Daymond voiced Goro Akechi. He’s brought a number of iconic characters to life like Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask as well as Peter Parker in a few different Marvel projects.

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