GraphersRock Showcases Second Puma Collaborative Collection

You might remember a few months ago we shared a piece about an upcoming Tokyo-themed line of sneakers coming from PUMA, and particularly our praise we had for the GraphersRock collaborative kicks. I couldn’t do it then, and even now I can’t stress enough my belief that the Tokyo-based designer is quite possibly one of the most forward-thinking creators I’ve stumbled across. This belief, in particular, shines extremely bright in the long-awaited second season of his collaboration with PUMA, which we finally got to feast our eyes on today.

It was about a week ago today that I made my way to Harajuku’s PUMA locale to pick up a copy of the collaborative zine that just released to tease the upcoming collection. It was filled with GraphersRock’s usual internet-tinged designs and flavor, but I don’t think there could have been anything that would prepare me for what was to come.

If GraphersRock’s “Turn on Tokyo” sneakers were the cutting-edge of sleek, internet-age fashion design, then this new season must be the pinnacle. It’s a six-piece accumulation of everything I’d come to know and love about their designs, all while dashing in a breath of fresh air through the use of both color and cuts. I could rave on forever about the smallest details, but none of it would ever do the collection any justice — unlike these pictures.

Tsugi Kori by GraphersRock // 2 Colorway // 16,000 Yen + Tax

Disc Blaze Leather by GraphersRock // 2 Colorway // 20,000 Yen + Tax

GraphersRock Woven Jacket // Black // 30,000 Yen + Tax

GraphersRock SS Tee // Black // 9,000 Yen + Tax

GraphersRock Sweat Pants // Black // 18,000 Yen + Tax

Back Pack by GraphersRock // Black // 18,000 Yen + Tax

Set to release December 2, 2017, here in Japan, you can absolutely expect to catch me in line to get my hands on a few choice pieces from this collection. From the announcements made online, it definitely seems like there isn’t going to be an international release, but that could of course change with given time. Much like previous releases, you’ll be able to pre-order the collection from 19:00 on December 1 via the online store, and there’s also set to be a release event at PUMA’s Harajuku locale.

For a full list of locations and details, you can visit the official PUMA x GraphersRock website here.

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