Taito Continues ARCAEA x Groove Coaster 4MAX Collaboration


If there is one thing that I can’t get enough of, it’s rhythm games. They have essentially been the driving factor for the last 20 some odd years of my life and without them, I can almost guarantee that my life would have been completely different. But what happens when two of your favorite games collaborate and make something really magical? That’s exactly what’s happening with Taito’s Groove Coaster 4MAX and immensely popular mobile rhythm game ARCAEA. The two titles have collaborated in the past and it resulted in fans of both titles being not only treated for their continued support, but it gave each game content from each other that can be enjoyed in more than one medium.

Taito announced that they are starting the second wave of their ARCAEA collaboration on September 16th with a bunch of new content to be added into Groove Coaster 4MAX. Taito will be adding three new avatars that you can choose to use during gameplay with each of the designs coming from the ARCAEA title. The avatars being added are of Luna, Hikari, and Tairitsu. As well as two songs from the game being added to Groove Coaster 4MAX’s already expansive tracklist with Corruption by 3R2 being added on September 16th, and Grevious Lady by Team Grimoire vs. Laur being added on September 23rd.

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As someone who plays both games fairly regularly, I look forward to seeing ARCAEA’s tracks crossover into Groove Coaster 4MAX and see just what Taito does with the charts. They have really creative chart designers and I have a feeling that they might have a trick or two up their sleeves.

The second wave of the ARCAEA x Groove Coaster 4MAX collaboration starts up on September 16th, so if you have access to a Groove Coaster 4MAX machine and you’re able to make it to an arcade, this is a collaboration you’re not going to want to miss.

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