Groove Coaster for Steam August DLC Features Four Touhou Project Tracks

Yesterday, Taito revealed four DLC Touhou Project tracks coming to Groove Coaster for Steam each week for the month of August. Each track is set for $1.99 each and the list of tracks can be seen below.

  • Knight of Knights / Beat MARIO
  • Kodoku na hana / Butaotome
  • Machibito ha kozu / Butaotome
  • Bad Apple!! feat. nomico / Masayoshi Minoshima

The fans are speaking out about a high pricing model via Twitter, saying $1.99 is a bit high for 1 song. Taito continues to happily take player suggestions for a different model and plan to follow up with the development team to see if there is anything to do in terms of song packs (like the mobile version) or monthly subscription to lower the cost a bit.

Groove Coaster for Steam is set to release on July 16 for $19.99.

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