GU Announces Kirby Line of Room Wear


GU is UNIQLO‘s cheaper line of clothing (as if you could get cheaper than UNIQLO already is), but that doesn’t mean that they need to cheap out on designs. Today, GU announced that they are launching a line of room wear inspired by everyone’s favorite pink puff, Kirby. The collection features soft lounge wear, tote bags with pouches, and other items inspired by Kirby’s ‘softness’ and ‘loveliness’.

Similar to UNIQLO, GU frequently collaborates with other brands or properties to bring fashion that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. The Kirby line includes not only lifestyle goods, but pajamas, underwear, and lounge clothing to make sure that you don’t only look good, but that you’re comfortable when doing so. The new line is primarily geared towards men, but there are also options for women, such as their pajamas and tote bags. The men’s options include lounge wear, pajamas, and undergarments.

GU Kirby Women GU Kirby Men 1 GU Kirby Men 2

The GU Kirby collaboration goods are not for sale yet and will be available starting in the middle of May. If you have a friend in Japan and you want these goods, you might want to reach out to them to see if they can get them for you at their local GU store or if they can place an order online for you.

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