GU Demon Slayer Collaboration Features Sweatshirts, Socks, Pajamas

GU Demon Slayer Collaboration Features Sweatshirts, Socks, Pajamas

If you ever wanted to go to bed dressed like a demon slayer, you’ll want to hear about this new Kimetsu no Yaiba collaboration.

Japanese discount retailer GU will begin selling Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba socks, sweatshirts, pajamas, and other items later this month.

Although the collaboration was announced on Monday, the new Demon Slayer items won’t be available in GU stores until Nov. 20.

The company also has a special website where you can preview the items in the collaboration. Although preordering doesn’t seem to be an option, you’ll also be able to order items online when they come available.

This is actually GU’s second collaboration with the extremely popular shonen series. In August, GU had a similar collaboration which included T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts, and pouches.

If you go to GU’s main retail website, you can still find a couple of Demon Slayer items. (The boxer shorts would appear to be completely gone.)

However, this collaboration includes items that weren’t included in the first collaboration, including socks, pajamas, tote bags, and bandanas.

Pajamas, you say?

GU Demon Slayer Collaboration Features Sweatshirts, Socks, PajamasThe pajamas might not be exactly what Tanjiro would wear to bed. But they do feature the colors worn by Tanjiro and other characters.

GU has two different sets of buttoned pajamas, and two of what GU calls “marshmallow feel sets.”  Basically, it’s soft lounge/ sleepwear.

The first buttoned set is green and black, like Tanjiro’s haori. And the other features the wild colors of Sabito’s haori.

Sabito doesn’t seem to get as much merchandise of his own. And he isn’t even included in the main advertising on the website, so good for him.

The marshmallow sets feature the colors worn by Nezuko and Zenitsu.

To give you some idea of the prices, the pajamas cost 2990 yen, or about $29 U.S.   The ankle socks are listed at 390 yen.    A green hoodie sweatshirt will cost 2490 yen.  Some of the items will come in kid sizes.

GU Demon Slayer Collaboration Features Sweatshirts, Socks, Pajamas

If the idea of buying Demon Slayer gear from a discount chain doesn’t sound appealing, the people who own GU also own Uniqlo.

GU; Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable
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