Konami Officially Releases Guitar Freaks & Drummania for PC

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If you’ve been with us for a while or are an avid fan of music games, you likely have seen that KONAMI has been bringing almost all of their mainline Bemani series to the PC, complete with brand new controllers and a fairly competitive pricing model, considering what you get included with the price. Today, they took one of their newest titles that hit alpha on PC and gave it an official release. That title is none other than Guitar Freaks & Drummania for their Konasute online service on PC.

Guitar Freaks PC Gameplay

Guitar Freaks & Drummania hit the alpha phase a handful of months ago, and it was so well received that it honestly feels like Konami fast-tracked the development of the port. The PC version of Gitadora includes over 200 songs from the arcade version with a fully true-to-arcade experience, especially if you end up picking up the new controller that KONAMI just announced a few weeks back. Personally, I’m not the biggest Gitadora player (I used to be heavily into Drummania quite some time ago but beatmania IIDX consumed me) but if I were still into the game like I used to be, I would certainly jump on this.

Drummania PC Gameplay

If you really love Bemani or Gitadora, this is right up your alley. Especially considering a large portion of the world is still on lockdown, this would give you something to do in the confinement of your home without having to go to an arcade to enjoy the game. The service for the Konasute version of Guitar Freaks & Drummania for PC will run you ¥1,628 (approx. $15.50 USD) per month, but you have access to the full game. I could only imagine that once the game starts to get more underway, they’ll have special events and the ability to unlock more songs, so it’s always better to start at the beginning!

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