Konami Announces Guitar Freaks Premium Model Controller Project


With almost every music game, there are unique control schemes that come along with the title. Konami’s BEMANI series is no exception to this with each title requiring its own special controller to be enjoyed to the title’s fullest. In the past, they have made controllers for the consumer in multiple different styles including a cheaper entry level consumer model as well as a die-hard fan focused “Arcade Style Controller” which are usually modeled directly off of their arcade counterparts, all the way down to the parts that are used to build the controller. Today, Konami announced their newest project, the new Guitar Freaks Premium Model Controller.

GF Premium Model Controller

Guitar Freaks is one of Konami’s longest-running BEMANI titles, rubbing necks with Dance Dance Revolution and beatmania in terms of how long the franchise has been carrying on for. Initially released for the PlayStation, the series has seen the transition from PS1 to PS2, and now PC. For the PS2 version of the game, Konami created an Arcade Style Controller in the past which gave players the most arcade like experience that could be achieved at home, and they’re looking to do so again with their new high-end Premium Model Controller that is to be used with the upcoming GITADORA for PC on their Konami Amusement Game Station service.

The Guitar Freaks Premium Model Controller is currently in the pre-order phase running from October 30th until November 15th and will set prospective buyers back ¥38,280 (approx. $350 USD). As with all of the Konami Premium Controllers and Konamistyle goods, they are exclusive to Japan and if you live outside of Japan you would either need to have a proxy buy one for you, have a friend buy one for you, or pick one up second hand through a service like Yahoo! Auctions. But frankly, I would probably try to go the friend route if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg.

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