GUNDAM Cafe HANEDA Airport Satellite Announced

Gundam Cafe Haneda Top

Gundam fans who travel through or to Tokyo are in for a treat. Haneda airport will host a limited time Gundam pop-up store, aptly named GUNDAM Cafe HANEDA Airport Satellite. The cafe is scheduled to open on 20 November.

The GUNDAM Cafe HANEDA Airport Satellite will offer a wide variety of Gundam-themed merch that you can appease your palate to. There will be some exclusive items being offered at the shop, such as keychains and cookies that you can likely purchase duty-free to bring back to your home country. A limited edition tumbler will be exclusive to the Haneda location. However, it doesn’t seem that there will be any hot meals served like in the Akihabara GUNDAM Cafe.


The GUNDAM Cafe HANEDA Airport Satellite store opens on 20 November and will be available until September 2021. They haven’t announced an exact close date, but you can be sure that during the opening time of the shop, there will be a bunch of exclusive items to the new location. You will find it near the south exit of Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station from the monorail station.

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