Official Gundam Channel Hits YouTube With Lots Of Free Episodes

Official Gundam Channel Hits YouTube With Lots Of Free Episodes

Earlier this week, animation studio Sunrise has established a new official Gundam Youtube channel simply called ‘Gundam Channel’. Already, they’ve uploaded the first few episodes for a bunch of different Gundam series. New episodes of the various Gundam show will be added multiple times a week, although not every series will be available in their entirety. These are, after all, for free and as far as I can tell they haven’t put ads on the videos yet either. That said, one caveat thus-far is that Gundam Channel is operating entirely in Japanese. There’s no English subs on these, or subs of any other language for that matter, though we hope that will change in time.

It was also previously announced there would be a new Gundam Build Divers anime but now we know it’ll premiere on the Gundam Channel and stream there week to week starting in October. Granted, the Gundam Build anime are spin-offs based on Gunpla kits. I doubt this channel will premiere all new Gundam shows and films from here on out but still; you’ll be able to see some brand new stuff on the channel and even sample some older, classic works you might have missed!

The new Gundam Channel is only the latest offering in the cavalcade of new happenings in the world of Gundam. As you may know, it’s been such a huge year for the series because the original Mobile Suit Gundam hit the big 4 0. Yes, the franchise as a whole has it hit its middle age. Let’s hope it ages gracefully from here and we don’t all have to suffer through a mid-life crisis. The last few years have been some of the best for Gundam, with works like Iron Blooded Orphans and Gundam Thunderbolt being some of the best the series has to offer.


You can watch a whole lot of Gundam on the Gundam Channel now.

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