Become a Gundam Pilot With 1/1 Scale Replica of Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro’s Helmet

Become a Gundam Pilot With 1/1 Scale Replica of Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro’s Helmet

Have you ever wanted to become a Gundam pilot? If you ever were to become a pilot, what do you think you would need? Well, you’d need either the inate ability or the dedicated training necessary to pilot these advanced mechanical pilot suits, the ability to pull of complex maneuvers and the strength to win no matter what. If you have all that, there’s only one more thing you need. You’ll need your own helmet, and luckily Bandai Namco have you sorted with a 1/1 replica of Amuro’s pilot helmet from the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime.

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Unfortunately, this helmet isn’t one you can actually wear, but this is an immensely cool piece of anime merchandise. This helmet is a Full Scale Works 1/1 scale model of Amuro’s Normal Suits helmet from the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series that started the massive multimedia franchise we know and love today. The overall height of this helmet stands tall on a desk at roughly 25cm in height and 27cm in width, and is to be sold in its iconic red-and-white design with details such as the ear cuffs and more fully intact. Even the visor on the front of the helmet can be fully removed, making this a neat display piece for any desk or shelf.

For a 1/1 scale replica of Amura’s Normal Suits Gundam helmet, however, don’t expect it to come cheap. Pre-orders have now opened on both the Premium Bandai and Megatrea online stores for a cool 30,800yen ($290), and pre-orders will be shipped out in January 2021. The price may not be cheap, but everyone has to make sacrifices in order to become a Gundam pilot, and this will be just the first hurdle in your journey to your destiny. Or not, but at least it’ll be a good conversation starter if anyone ever sees it.

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