JFC Releases Two New Gundam SEED Food Brands

Gundam SEED Squid Tempura Snack

Despite what mecha anime will show you, I would imagine the life of a mecha pilot is mostly dull and monotonous. I mean, when you’re not trying to rid the planet of aliens or angels or whatever, you’re stuck sitting around in a tedious attempt to maintain peace and order. As a result, I wonder if there are mecha pilots who, like me, enjoy eating snack food on the job out of sheer boredom. And I suppose there are a few, considering how Evangelion potato chips are a thing. My theory is proven concrete even more so now with the new line of Gundam SEED food.

The JFC, better known as the Japanese Food Company, has put out two new meals sporting the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED brand. The first is a retort curry called Freedom Gundam Curry, and comes fresh from the famous Kansai-based restaurant Jiyuken. It features the characters Kira and Athrun on the front cover, and you can enjoy the luxurious taste of Jiyuken from the comfort of your own home. The second is a dried squid tempura snack that comes in a setouchi lemon flavor and comes straight out of Akihabara’s famous Gundam Cafe. This snack’s lemony flavor is said to ensure the consumer a refreshing and addictive taste. Kira and Athrun appear once again, but this time accompanied by Cagalli and Lacus.

Gundam SEED Curry
Both products are available at Premium Bandai’s website. You can buy the tempura for 324 yen, and the curry for 594 yen.

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