Mobile Suit Gundam Smart Bottles Bring Teflon To Robots

Gundam Smart Bottles

We’re almost surprised it took us eleven days to write about some Mobile Suit Gundam branded merchandise in 2021. We swear, there have been weeks we’ve written about a new Gundam branded good every day. Flight jackets, graphics cards, tool kits, helmets, and comfortable lounge-wear for wearing at home; Mobile Suit Gundam runs the spectrum of ‘merchandise that exists of it’, perhaps only running in second to Evangelion with its laundry detergent. With 2021 finally settling into itself, we don’t think it’ll be long before we get back to our near daily coverage of Gundam merchandise and we’re kicking it off with these Teflon coated Gundam Smart Bottles.

Gundam water bottles
Federation, Zeon, and Char Aznable; The three flavors.

Courtesy of Premium Bandai, who we suppose entitled themselves the ‘Premium’ adjective as they routinely come up with better-than-average merchandise, we have the also neatly entitled ‘Gundam Smart Bottles’. These are Teflon infused water bottles, which are said to prevent unsightly stains and foul smelling orders from making their homes inside your bottles. Coming in three varieties, representating the Earth Federation, the Zeon Resistance, and one-man army Char Aznabe, you have your choice of Gundam hydration style, provided you’re willing to pass 30 hard-earned dollars onto Premium Bandai.

Compared to some of the 2020 offerings of Gundam in merchandise form, water bottles are relatively conservative, even if they house Teflon in their plastics. These high-quality water bottles that will last you several years, provided you don’t leave them in the gym locker room, might be a better use of your money than Gundam Wing inspired sunglasses. Then again, we would quickly adorn these sadly imaginary Gundam Wing themed sunglasses, especially if they are Gundam Wing Endless Waltz sunglasses. You could attach actual feathers to them then! Neat!

You can pre-order these lovely Teflon enhanced Gundam Smart Bottles here.

Sunrise / Bandai / Plex Co.
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