Haachama’s Return Concludes Horror Storyline, Restores Archive After Hiatus


Ever since her stream was serendipitously canceled hours before broadcast, fans of the Hololive virtual YouTuber Akai Haato/Haachama have been eagerly waiting to see how her horror arc would come to an end. Her canceled broadcast was then followed by about a hiatus lasting about a month, termed a ‘journey of self-discovery.’

Nevertheless, Haachama is back now, and her return brought with it not only a conclusion to the storyline but also all the old videos.

All the videos related to the horror storyline were previously made private when the creator went on hiatus, with no indication of when, and even if, this content would be made public again. Many fans, including myself, scrambled to download archives, but ahead of her return livestream on 30 March, Haachama made all of those videos publicly available again.

She even handily organized them into a playlist titled ‘💓HAACHAMA×Akaihaato.’

In the return livestream itself, Haachama finally ended the horror storyline in typical mind-bending fashion. There are no huge revelations here, to be honest, just creepy visuals and an engaging usage of the livestream format. At the very least, it’s a happy ending.

What’s more interesting about Haachama’s return livestream is that, in the second half, she explains the story behind the horror narrative and where the idea came from. Starting around the 30-minute mark, she admits that the idea of doing something more long-form only came about because she wanted to surpass one million subscribers, but didn’t really have any concrete ideas as to how. She played around with various ideas, but the horror stuff was what viewers latched on to and provided illustrations, songs for, etc.

One of her dreams is apparently to become a voice actress for movies or anime, so she thought that she might be able to make her ‘own movie or anime’ through her livestreams. Nevertheless, this turned out to be harder than she first thought, so she needed to take a break. Hence the hiatus.

From now on, Haachama plans to stream every day, but probably not in the same narrative format as in the past. Personally speaking, that’s absolutely fine: I never once thought that the story content would be a permanent thing, and I’d rather have Haachama working on a more sensible schedule than burning herself out for the sake of content.

Welcome back, Haachama: we missed you!

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