Persona 4: Dancing All Night Hands On Impressions

I spent the last two weeks working on Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s story mode and a handful of Free Dance tracks, and after nearly ten hours of gameplay, I’ve come away with a pretty good impression of the game.


For anyone who was fearing P4: DAN was going to be a quick cash-in title just to make bank off of the immense popularity of Atlus’ flagship RPG series, fear not. Dancing All Night is absolutely chock full of content.



All the party members are given time to shine, along with a couple familiar faces.

The gameplay is an interesting mixture of Pentavision’s DJ MAX and Sega’s Project Diva games. While the selected dancers move to the beat of the given track, the player hits the buttons to keep the dancers and the music going. Although the presentation is closer to Project Diva, any vets of DJ MAX’s frantic face-button gameplay will feel right at home.


Even the soundtrack is full of P4 fan service, with many iconic tracks from the RPG making an appearance in some form or another… sometimes as multiple remixes.


Atlus hasn’t neglected fans of the RPG, either. Anyone in for just another dose of their favorite characters and a thorough story mode won’t be left out. Dancing All Night has one massive story mode, full with a variety of characters and quite a few twists and turns.


Well, about as twisty as a game focused on dancing can be, anyway.

Look for more on Dancing All Night closer to release for a full review from yours truly.


Can you imagine the step?


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