Happy Kuru Kuru Announce Upcoming Single ‘Good Morning Tokyo’

Announced Saturday via the official accounts for Happy Kuru Kuru, the idol duo’s latest single, “Good Morning Tokyo,”  will be releasing on March 15 with an accompanying music video. Featuring music and lyrics from frequent collaborator Yunomi, you can preview the upcoming single below:

Tokyo-based idol group Happy Kuru Kuru has been, for the longest time, at the forefront of my attention. Combining the production value of Yunomi with the energetic vocals of both Kinoko and Nono, we’re left with a new generation of idol sounds that are every bit playful as they are entertaining. From the visual style of the duo all the way to their performances, it’s seemingly always a good time when Happy Kuru Kuru is involved.

For those of you interested in checking out even more of Happy Kuru Kuru’s work, there’s no better place to start than their SoundCloud. Additionally, you can keep an eye on their Twitter accounts for announcements regarding live shows across Japan.

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