Happy Kuru Kuru Shares New Member Lineup

While it was only yesterday I shared the all-new music video from Happy Kuru Kuru, a cheerful collaboration with Los Angles-based 2ToneDisco, you’re going to have to take a moment to readjust to some new faces in the idol group. It still feels weird to say, but chances are that’ll be the last time you’ll see both Nono and Kinoko together in a music video; especially following the departure of Kinoko from the group just a few weeks ago. With that being said, there’s no need to fear — it seems group activities will be resuming as usual, just with three new faces along for the ride.

Shared today via Happy Kuru Kuru’s official SNS accounts, we’ve gotten our first look at the new group members which includes three new faces. From left to right in the above image, we see Tsukino, Nono, Linoa, and Naruno, with members sporting the colors blue, pink, purple, and orange. While we’re still yet to hear any new music since the group underwent its member changes, it has been shared that Happy Kuru Kuru will be performing a number of shows over the coming weeks that will likely give fans a tease of what’s to come.

With an exciting period ahead of the newly updated Happy Kuru Kuru, we’ll be sure to keep a close watch as to what happens next! Until then, you can get even more acquainted with the new members via the idol group’s official website. You can also check out our full archive for previous write-ups about the group, here.

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