Harajuku Fashion Brand Candy Stripper Drops New Pieces for Summer

Candy Stripper 2021

Summer is somehow only a month away, and Harajuku-based fashion brand Candy Stripper is busy getting Tokyo fashionistas ready to beat the heat.

Often times, the brand could be called ‘tomboy meets girly-girl,’ but the new releases definitely favor the latter: these more modest and delicate offerings just dropped on the brand’s website and social media, available this Friday 21 May.

Earlier this month, Candy Stripper introduced us to the fitting theme of the Summer 2021 collection: ‘Great ESCAPE.’ We’d say so; after what feels like an eternity kept from the outside world, there is an end in sight, and jetsetters are prepping for the next long-awaited adventure. It’s the spitfire aesthetic making a return, just what we’d expect from the long-standing label.

Candy Stripper has a long history in the Tokyo fashion scene. Its founders, Yoshie Itabashi and Chiharu Kikuchi, began their brand Ministry in 1996, quickly drawing attention with their visionary designs. If you’ve ever read FRUiTS, you’ve likely seen Candy Stripper pieces in its pages.

The above designs and more can be found at the brand’s online store, and pieces can be ordered internationally using a proxy service such as Tenso.

©Candy Stripper Ministry co ltd.
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