Hardfloor ‘Acperience7’ Eureka Seven Music Video Released

Fans of the “Eureka Seven” series rejoice, Bandai Visual have begun streaming ‘Acperience7’ from “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” on their official YouTube channel, accompanied by a gorgeous animated music video. Filled with blaring 303 acid sounds, and accompanied by a mouth-watering palate of clips from the film, the music video is an absolute treat from start to finish.

There are a few things you walk away firmly believing after watching the new “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” film. One is a renewed and refreshed love of the acid sound that the film’s soundtrack largely finds its footing within; the second is a complete and total appreciation of the sleek way in which “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” presents information to you. Both of these aspects are offered as a sample for viewers in this music video, and both of them are something I’m sure everyone will appreciate.

It’s been no secret that getting Hardfloor to produce for the “Eureka Seven” series has been long in the works, but it’s extremely exciting to say it’s finally here. What are your thoughts on the music video, and are you excited to check out the film when it goes international? For more “Eureka Seven” content, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of references and easter eggs within the series, here.

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