Harmonix Receives A $15 Million Investment Ahead Of Rock Band 4 Release

Filings with the SEC have revealed that Harmonix has recently received a $15 million investment, and those responsible for the investment funding have chosen not to disclose their identities for reasons unknown.

Boston Business Journal states that the filing lists a group of 14 unknown investors has made the funding possible, which comes just a month before the release of Rock Band 4. This comes at no surprise as we seen last week that Harmonix partnered with the crowdfunding platform, Fig, which will aid in funding the studios next title. Harmonix is also in the process of finishing up Amplitude, its first dip into crowdfunding as the title just barely reached it’s Kickstarter goal late last year. Rock Band 4 is heading into battle with Activision’s Guitar Hero Live next month, are we really that ready to see how well Rock Band 4 sells?

Could we see a new evolved Harmonix in the works? Let us know in the comments!

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