Haru Nemuri Triumphs on New ‘Fanfare’ Single

Haru Nemuri Triumphs on New 'Fanfare' Single

It has been a good minute since we’ve last heard from the sensational Haru Nemuri, and believe me when I say I’ve been counting every second to the release of this new single since it was announced.  Since the rising indie star released the incredible and eclectic ‘Haru To Shura’ in the spring of 2018 word of mouth has slowly but surely garnered her more and more fans. For good reason too; With her blend of hip-hop, J-Pop, guttural screams and unique production she’s at the forefront of music here in Japan. The only problem she’s faced so far? She’s arguably found greater success outside her home country, thanks to the power of the internet. Her new single ‘Fanfare’ released on January 10th, her birthday might we add, comes after a well-earned break that followed an extensive European tour.

From the minute you hear the opening synthetic horns of ‘Fanfare’ blaring off into the distance, you know you know your in for something else. The track comes in piece by piece, layer by layer. You start off with these distinct horns, followed by some guitar and soon after her confident flows. Drums roll in and the track really starts building up steam into an upbeat chorus that shines like a bright light through the fog. Her traction doesn’t stop there though as haunting choral vocals mist in during the second half really upping the wow factor of the whole thing. It continues even further from there but at this point, you should just listen to the song. It’s a great start to the musical year.

I was lucky enough to get to see Haru Nemuri (again) the night of the 10th, special as it was both her birthday and her big ‘Fanfare’ release day. This was an intimate show with a 60 person capacity in a purposefully small live space above a Disk Union. Despite there not being room to move in this sold-out set, Haru Nemuri with nothing but the power of her voice and her overpowering will had the entire crowd jumping out of their skin. She performs solo to a backing track but you wouldn’t know it from how much she brings to her performances. She’s hinted at having a new album coming out, hopefully later this year, and just announced her first North American tour. If you have the chance make sure to see her. It might be your last chance before she really blows up.

Haru Nemuri will be coming to the United States for the first time this march.

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