HATRA Releases Their Sophisticated Autumn/Winter Collection

HATRA Releases Their Sophisticated Autumn/Winter Collection

Japanese high fashion brand HATRA recently announced their 2019 Autumn and Winter collection, which is currently available in multiple online shopping platforms as well as a few physical stores around Japan.

This season’s additions take on a pale color scheme that I interpret as similar to expensive marble or the changing of the seasons. The motif for this season is “Shape of Valley”, with the main color scheme taking on the concept of “medium”. The designer chose the color gray because of the way it changes expression based on the composition of the lighting and what colors its paired with. Included in this season’s line are charcoal-textured coats and bustiers with rich pigments, with texture qualities that change depending on the fabric it’s printed on. The stitching takes on a three-dimensional pattern, making use of the elasticity of the fabric to create depth. The gray-tinted motif was pretty skillfully utilized, like with the light-colored blouse that’s almost white, light-filled, warm beige-colored skirts, and cold ice-gray duffel coats.

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The most eye-catching piece in the latest HATRA collection is the white Oculus Shirt, which used a motif of human eyes. The rainbow-like contour prints on the shirt were created by scanning an actual cornea, which is an artistic statement in itself. Looking at the colorful cornea visuals is like looking into a pair of mysterious eyes, and I get a weird sensation as if I’m looking into my own eyeballs, contemplating my life. Each piece in every HATRA collection has a super abstract concept behind it, which is a little difficult to explain with just words.

HATRA is owned and created by Japanese designer Keisuke Nagami. He produces mainly comfortable parkas made of soft material with the purpose of providing a comfortable place for the body. In the past, HATRA designs have utilized the motif of “bedroom” to create the type of relationship between the clothes and the wearer’s body that makes you feel at home no matter where you are. Keisuke Nagami was born in Hiroshima in 1987 and attended Esmod Tokyo in 2005. In 2006, he went overseas to France to study at Esmod’s Paris campus. Keisuke Nagami gained experience working with Martine_SITBON and Anne Valerie Hash and later went on to establish his own brand HATRA in 2010. He held his first fashion exhibition during the 2011 Autumn/Winter season in Tokyo.

The new HATRA pieces seem to have scattered availability across multiple online shopping places, such as HATRA’s own websiteithreePalm maison, and MHzSHOP.

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