Sequel To ‘Helck’ Finally Sees The Light of Day

Sequel To 'Helck' Finally Sees The Light of Day

Fans of the fantasy manga series Helck have been clamoring for a follow-up after the series ended just a few years back. And at last, the wait is over. Helck has finally come out with the first chapter of its sequel series, Helck Völundio ~Surreal Sword Saga~. 

The project was announced just a few days ago through a Tweet made by Shogakukan artist and editor Sho Kobayashi. Helck’s mangaka Nanoi Nanaki would confirm the news the next day on her blog

The original Helck manga went through a 12-volume run between 2014 and 2017. When it concluded, fans were satisfied by the finale, but were left with a few unresolved plot threads. Nanaki announced a sequel was in the works after Helck had finished its run, but with no official release date. 

Nanaki would hold fans over by creating the Helck spin-off Piwi, as well as bringing her previously discontinued Acaria back from the dead. Some time in between the production of the two manga, Nanaki announced that the Helck sequel would see a release sometime the following year. 

However, Nanaki would become dissatisfied with her work and start over from scratch, causing the Helck sequel to be delayed twice. Initially set for a spring release, Nanaki’s perfectionism would push the release date to the fall season, and then again to a 2020 date so up-in-the-air that fans didn’t know if anything would come of it.

And yet, Helck’s fans had shown the utmost patience despite the delays, and even had a little bit of fun along the way. This past April Fool’s Day, the One Punch Man subreddit was adorned with Helck panels and memes to jokingly commemorate both the manga and its constant postponement.

Now that the sequel has been released, it seems that the sun has risen over the valley once more for the Helck fanbase. The feedback from fans I’ve seen across social media has been positive, and for a minute almost seemed like what I’d expect to see if Togashi announced another chapter of Hunter x Hunter. Hopefully, this new Helck series can continue to go on without a hitch, and continue supplying fans with the thrills and wit they’ve come to love.

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