Hello Kitty x Mobile Suit Gundam Zaku II Gunpla Kits In Production

Hello Kitty x Mobile Suit Gundam Zaku II Gunpla Kits In Production

The ongoing and large-ranging project combining Hello Kitty and Mobile Suit Gundam continues to confuse me. Neither brand, on paper, feels like they should join forces with one another, since they’re just so tonally distinct from one another. And yet, in spite of that, it works, and we’ve received everything from chess-themed items to Gunpla that somehow succeed at mashing these two unlikely forces together. Following on from that first Hello Kitty x Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla, a second Gunpla kit is now available to purchase based on the Zaku II.

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Similar to the first Hello Kitty Gunpla kit, where it was possible to build Hello Kitty and the Gundam individually, while also being able to build the necessary equipment needed to create their combined form, the parts included in the box allow for similar results. Using the parts included with this new Gunpla, you’re able to create both a SD Gundam Zaku II and a Hello Kitty model, complete with an apple to hold and an apple pedestal to sit upon. However, included in the box are the parts necessary to construct a Zaku helmet for Hello Kitty, complete with bow, which can then be placed on top of the Zaku model to create a combined Hello Kitty Zaku II.

This gives the kit a lot of flexibility, alongside being simple enough to construct that even those unfamiliar with Gunpla kit construction could put it together. With the ability to purchase it both in generic infantry colors as well as in the colors of Char’s Zaku II, you also have some variety and choice. Couple it all with its rather cheap asking price (the kit costs just 2750yen) and you have a very appealing proposition here.

The Hello Kitty x Mobile Suit Gundam Zaku II Gunpla kit is available to pre-order now through Bandai Spirits, with an estimated shipping date of December 2020.

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