The Tetris Company Becomes the Latest Brand to Collaborate with Hello Kitty

The Tetris Company Becomes the Latest Brand to Collaborate with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is popping up in the weirdest of places lately. She has had a collaboration with Wonder Woman. She made her Virtual YouTuber debut. She even, just in the last few weeks, chose to collaborate with the Mobile Suit Gundam series for a joint anniversary project. Each of these collaborations is certainly unusual, but they do catch the eye. In the latest such collaborative project for the happy little girl with the heart of gold, the Sanrio character is joining forces with the Tetris Company for a special Hello Kitty x Tetris collaboration.

According to the press release that was released to announce this project, there are multiple areas to this collaboration that spread far further than one would expect. The obvious result of such a joining of forces would be a special version of the massively popular Tetris, and this will be happening with a brand new online game that will debut on June 3rd. Whether this will be a mobile game, browser game, console game or a mix of all of these platforms remains a mystery, though we do know that this will see the world of Tetris joined by many of the most well-known Sanrio characters, not just Hello Kitty herself.

The more surprising part of this project is the fact that a wide variety of merchandise will also be released for this collaboration alongside the planned gaming release. These will be first shown off to potential licensees at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas from June 4th-6th, where products in categories such as apparel, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories will be on display. I have to be honest, if we were to receive a special line of Tetromino keychains with a special Hello Kitty bow attached to them, I’d be very tempted to buy the whole set. We know nothing about what these could look like in any way whatsoever, yet this was the first thought I had upon seeing this news and it won’t leave my head. I want it.

This 35th anniversary Tetris celebration and 45th anniversary Hello Kitty celebration project is an exciting and unique product from the two companies, and although I don’t have hopes that the game will stand out and excel in the way that a game like Tetris 99 has been able to achieve, I do have hope that the game will be a lot of fun with an enjoyable array of adjacent merchandise. We’ll have to wait just a little longer to see what this is, however.

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