Hello Kitty Announces Virtual YouTuber Debut

While the world’s obsession with Hello Kitty certainly isn’t anything near what it used to be, here in Japan the obsession with Sanrio’s mascot character still pushes on strong. Now with over 44 years of experience under the perpetual anthropomorphic third-grader’s belt, Hello Kitty is finally ready to take on her next big challenge — becoming her very own Virtual YouTuber. It’s an interesting proposition really; an already established icon riding one of the biggest trends in Japan right now, all while targetting a totally new demographic of viewers. It’s genius.

With that being said, just what can Hello Kitty offer the world that YouTube doesn’t already have available? Fortunately, there are a few things being done right by the channel so far, which can offer a little promise for what could be a legitimately entertaining channel — if you fall into the target demographic.

Firstly, Hello Kitty takes queues from some of the most globally enjoyed channels, offering subtitles in numerous languages. Right now that includes English and Japanese, but if all goes well I wouldn’t be surprised to see that expanded upon. Secondly, it’s already been announced that the channel will likely be joined by other Sanrio characters, with Gudetama and Kirimi-chan particularly mentioned, though I definitely hope we can see that expanded upon. Unfortunately, it’s uncertain just what direction content will head on the channel; where other Virtual YouTubers can utilize video formats such as Let’s Plays, I can’t imagine Hello Kitty will be playing PUBG or Fortnite any time soon.

Ultimately the concept of Hello Kitty joining the Virtual YouTuber circuit is as goofy as it sounds, but I’m sure that it’ll strike the right chords within a certain market. It’s uncertain what schedule Sanrio will be uploading videos to the Hello Kitty channel, but it’ll be worth keeping an eye on to see just how it develops.

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