Original Anime Film “Hello World” Gets First Trailer, Main Cast Announcement

Original Anime Films Hello World Gets First Trailer, Main Cast Announcement

HELLO WORLD, the upcoming original anime film helmed by Erased and Sword Art Online director Tomohiko Ito, started streaming its first teaser. A September 20 premiere date has been confirmed for theatrical release in Japan, although for now there’s no announcement on international screenings. Along with the teaser, the main cast for HELLO WORLD has also been announced. Animated at Graphinica, the studio largely responsible for 2014’s sci-fi film Expelled In Paradise. Kyoto Animation heavyweight Yukiko Horiguchi was brought in to do the character designs.

It’s hard not to notice off the bat; The trailer definitely features a Your Name vibe. Being the giant success that movie was, it’s bound to influence a whole new generation of anime films to come. HELLO WORLD takes place in a near-future Kyoto. In 2027 to be exact; not so far in the future to be a complete dystopia yet. Time travel seems to play a major role in this film, as it did in director Ito’s critically acclaimed Erased. If the film ends up being The Girl Who Lept Through Time by way of Your Name with K-On! looking characters running around, it will probably be a pretty interesting watch.

The cast for HELLO WORLD has also been revealed. The protagonist, Naomi Katagaki, actually has two voice actors. Takumi Kitamura, who’s been doing film and tv acting for 11 years, will voice the high school-aged protagonist. Film and TV actor Tori Matsuzaka, who’s maybe best known for his debut role as the red ranger in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, will voice Naomi Katagaki’s older self. Finally, there’s Minami Hamabe, who plays Yumeko Jabami in the live-action series adaption of Kakegurui, portraying Ruri Ichigyo, a classmate of Naomi’s. Naomi and Ruri both serve in the library committee together.

HELLO WORLD premieres in theaters across Japan on September 20, 2019, with more information available on the movie’s official website.

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