Hetalia World Stars Will Begin in Spring 2021

Hetalia World Stars Will Begin in Spring 2021

Hetalia fans will have a new anime series to look forward to next year.

Frontier Works, which does a lot of publicity for Hetalia, put together a new website for Hetalia World Stars on Sunday. 

They also noted that Oct. 25 is World Pasta Day. If you know anything about the series, that’s a great day for anything Hetalia-related.

What’s the New Series?

The new series will be an adaptation of the Hetalia World Stars manga.   We don’t know yet which stories from the manga will be adapted.

Some websites are calling it a side story, although most of Hetalia tends to branch off into weird but interesting directions.  Who’s to say what’s a tangent and what’s the main story?

In any case, Hetalia World Stars will be the first Hetalia anime since the online series Hetalia: The World Twinkle in 2015. 

The Hetalia World Stars manga started in 2014, and has been published in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ since then.

All of the main voice actors from the original Hetalia: Axis Powers series will be returning for this version.

An International Announcement

The creators put up the new series announcement on Twitter. Naturally, they translated the message into Italian, German, Japanese, English, French, Russian, and Chinese. 

The message was posted twice in English — because America and England need separate ones, I suppose. 

Sadly, they missed the opportunity to put any Briticisms (harbour, lorry, flat, crisps) into England’s version. Although ironically, America does say “will be release,” which is improper grammar. (It should be “will be released.”) 

Perhaps it’s a comment on education in America.  Or more likely, the flubbed message says more about Japanese English than it does about America. England says “will start,” which is correct.

Oddly enough, France calls the series a film or movie (“Le nouveau film de Anime”) — does he know something that the rest of the world doesn’t?  (Probably not.)

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand residents can watch the original Hetalia series on Funimation.

Hidekazu Himaruya / Shueisha / Hetalia W ★ S Production Committee
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