Hikari Shimoda and PAOM Share Vibrant Spring/Summer Collection

Nagano-based artist Hikari Shimoda and clothing maker Print All Over Me have come together to create Shimoda’s very first clothing collection. Just as the collaborator’s name suggests, the shirts and pants they have designed are covered all over in Shimoda’s cartoony designs.

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Print All Over Me, typically shortened to POAM, is a clothing manufacturer specialized in custom all over print clothing. Hikari Shimoda is an artist and painter who creates enchantingly magical, pastel works that simultaneously represent cuteness and horror. She often paints characters who are dressed in superhero or magical girl costumes. For this collaboration collection, Shimoda took inspiration from the manga and anime she loved when she was younger, sourcing illustrative techniques from her paintings. The pattern looks very pop-y and cartoony. The chunky, bold designs remind me a little of GALAXXXY or ACDC Rag. Hikari Shimoda is definitely one of my favorite artists.

While I absolutely adore this collection, I don’t really think that it represents her usual work very much. Her paintings are usually covered in highly detailed, overlapping little characters and often splatters of clouds and colors. Every single inch of the canvas is usually covered in something dark yet cute. Also, she has a tendency to draw young looking humanoid characters with demon horns and big, detailed eyes.

However, on the clothing she’s designed, the characters are a bit more spaced out and are drawn with thicker lines and more solid colors. I recognize a few of them from her older paintings. I love the fresh new take on her classic style. While we often see artists repeat their usual drawing style from paper onto clothing, Hikari Shimoda has given us a whole new look at what she’s capable of.

You can check out the full collection on Print All Over Me’s official online store, which offers worldwide shipping. You can look at more of Hikari Shimoda’s works on her website.

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