Hikaru Utada Shares Emotional ‘Hatsukoi’ Music Video

It’s set to be an absolutely incredible year for legendary Japanese musician Hikaru Utada, as celebrations continue underway for an unprecedented 20th-anniversary of her musical career, as well as the release of her 7th studio album, “Hatsukoi.” While we’ve still got a little less than a month until we’re finally able to sit down and listen to the album on June 27, we were today given a peek into the world of Utada’s “first love” with the album’s title song “Hatsukoi” and its accompanying music video.


From start to finish “Hatsukoi” is an emotion-driven ballad where Hikaru Utada is less than afraid to give it her all as she shares her story of first love. Chances are you won’t be walking away from this track without feeling a little something, and that’s perfectly okay. While this isn’t our first glimpse into Utada’s upcoming album, this is more than enough reason to get excited about the beauty that will be contained within. I mean, after all, this is the same Hikaru Utada that blew us away just two short years ago through “Fantôme.”

With her first concert tour in 12 years, as well as her 7th studio album to keep her going throughout the year, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on Hikaru Utada in 2018. Interested in checking out even more related news? You can find our full Hikaru Utada archive, here.

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