HIROOMI TOSAKA releases “SUPERMOON -sen-” Delving Into Beautiful Synthwave Goodness

HIROOMI TOSAKA releases SUPERMOON-Sen Delving Into Beautiful Synthwave Goodness

Fresh off the heels of our very own Japanese music extravaganza OTAQUEST Live, HIROOMI TOSAKA is back with an all-new single, “SUPERMOON -sen-“. The two-cut single further goes beyond the sound that the Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE member has been developing; EDM-tinged pop with his signature smoothly-delivered vocals layered on top. HIROOMI TOSAKA has been enjoying some well-deserved success in recent times, even delivering the theme song for the latest Detective Conan film which is quite a massive deal in Japan. “SUPERMOON -sen-” leads with “NAKED LOVE” which received an official music video. Check that out below:

While definitely radio and club friendly, “NAKED LOVE” veers off the course of EDM-Pop HIROOMI TOSAKA’s last few releases have delved in. Underlying this entire track is a thumping deep retro sounding synth line that 100% could be the building block of a synthwave track. It pairs very well with HIROOMI TOSAKA’s full, almost syrupy voice and the little bits of extra ambient instrumentation in the back really make this one a fully fleshed out experience. “SUPERMOON -sen-“ is doing it right.

With the music video for “NAKED LOVE”, viewers are opted-in for a multi-chapter story that sees HIROOMI TOSAKA delve deeper and deeper into the passion of love and all the emotions it brings forward. The video ends on a cliff-note, something that will be answered in the not-so-distant future; the continuation to the “SUPERMOON -sen-” story. If “NAKED LOVE” is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see where we’re taken from here.

For those interested in checking out the rest of the single, HIROOMI TOSAKA’S latest “SUPERMOON -sen-“ can be streamed on Spotify now. Further information on HIROOMI TOSAKA’s works can be found via the artist’s official website.

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