Legendary Creative Hiroshi Fujiwara Shares Latest Single ‘Time Machine’

Legendary Creative Hiroshi Fujiwara Shares Latest Single 'Time Machine'

Categorizing Hiroshi Fujiwara as any single type of creative was probably my first mistake when approaching the visionary artist. Sitting atop the throne when it comes to the break-neck world of internationally recognized Japanese fashion, many might not even know of Fujiwara’s extensive musical history. With that being said, just as Hiroshi Fujiwara excels in fashion design, his artistry also shines within the music world; a fact especially showcased on his latest single “Time Machine”. Shared earlier today, the latest single serves multiple purposes — utilized alongside his work on Fragment Design, “Time Machine” is the sort of song you can listen to under and circumstance. Let’s get into that in a minute though; before that, take a listen to Hiroshi Fujiwara’s first single in two years below accompanied by a showcase of the latest 7 MONCLER FRAGMENT below:

Being somewhat recently acquainted with Hiroshi Fujiwara through OTAQUEST co-founder Eddie Lehecka, mostly for his work on Fragment Design and his various other endeavors, I never pictured myself putting together such a praiseful article for his music. With that being said, this is his first release in two years, and I’ve got to say, this really is something else. It captures such a mood that you don’t often feel when first listening to an artist’s music; the sort that genuinely leaves you wanting to deep-dive further into their catalog and see just what they’ve cooked up in the past. It’s a slow-burning, hard-hitting number that allows smooth vocals to glide through a thumping bassline that screams years of experience. While I’ve been enamored with his design work for some time, Hiroshi Fujiwara truly does showcase his prowess as a multi-talented creative on this number.

We had the rare honor of interviewing Hiroshi Fujiwara a short while ago, and if you haven’t checked that out yet, that absolutely needs to change. In the interview, we cover design, culture, and the various aspects that Fujiwara has built his life long career on, and you’re definitely going to want to check it out.

Available now via all major streaming services, you’d be making a massive mistake not to take a deep dive into the musical artistry of Hiroshi Fujiwara. For those interested in checking out the full-length version of “Time Machine”, be sure to visit the track’s official webpage.

Hiroshi Fujiwara
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