Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi Shares In-Depth Adobe Illustrator Video Series

Adobe Teams up with Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi for In-Depth Video Series

In an exciting turn of events for budding digital creatives, it’s been announced that illustrator Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi, otherwise known as 3-Eyes Takahashi, has been tasked with creating educational video content in partnership with Adobe and their Illustrator Course. The videos are fully conducted by Takahashi and distributed through GoGetterz, an online learning marketplace that provides e-learning through educational videos.

Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi’s style is extremely colorful and busy, and frequently contains a lot of references to machinery, computers, and classic Japanese art. Takahashi was selected as a participant for Adobe Remix, a project that invites artists to “bring their individual or collective voice to life through our corporate mark.”. A few artists from all over the world were invited to remix the Adobe logo into their own personal style, including the crazily-styled Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi. He made a concept video for Adobe where he stars as an average, everyday salaryman whose creativity jumps to life in front of his art workstation where he re-imagines the Adobe logo in a way that combines his fantasy with real life. The concept of the video is that you have no clue he’s a brilliant artist until you look beneath the first layer and see him in his creative comfort zone.

The video content is broken up into easy-to-understand chapters that make up a full course, focused on the concept of an Artificial Intelligence character designed by Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi. The course is focused on showing Takahashi’s process in Adobe Illustrator from the very start to the finish in full detail. From receiving a request to a client all the way to submitting the final product, Takahashi explains it all. The videos are 600 yen (about 5.50 USD) for a single lesson, or 6,000 yen (about 55 USD) for the full, 10 lesson course. Judging by the titles of each lesson, the amount that can be learned about art and the industry goes pretty deep. Takahashi aims to inspire other artists and provide helpful information to aid their career. Unfortunately, it appears that the video lessons are only available in Japanese for the time being.

You can check out the video lessons (Japanese only) on GoGetterz’s website.

Adobe, Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi
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