NiziU Announced as H&M Asia Brand Ambassadors With H&M♡NiziU

niziu Japanese girls band

Could you imagine what it would be like going to sleep one night and then the next day waking up to being the face (or faces) of an entire country, let alone a continent? That is exactly what happened with JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Japan‘s girl group NiziU. No more than a year ago, they were just ordinary teenage girls, and now they’re on the face of everything from packs of gum and Coca Cola bottles to TV commercials. Their newest venture is being the H&M Asia brand ambassadors and even having their own pastel line as part of the H&M♡NiziU project.

The H&M♡NiziU campaign is themed on the message of ‘Let’s enjoy every day through fashion’. It’s a concept designed around making people excited about the coming of spring and to make them as happy as possible by dressing up now that there are fewer opportunities to go out with family and friends. The collection, inspired by Asian girls, will be limited to Asia and will feature blouses and dresses with see-through designs, floral patterns, large collars, and ribbons, based on this season’s trend of nostalgic atmosphere and pastel colors.

HM loves NIZIU Logo

This is the first time that NiziU is an ambassador for a fashion brand, and the first time for NiziU to serve as an ambassador on an Asian scale. H&M♡NiziU will be kicking off on 18 February 2021 in Japan, China, Malaysia, and other Asian markets, with a total of about 500 stores in 8 markets.

H&M, JYP Entertainment, Sony Music Japan
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