Hololive Alternative Launches HOLONOMETRIA Archive to Deliver the Lore

HOLONOMETRIA entry on Mizore Shokudou

Hot on the heels of the very first Hololive Alternative manga, a new ‘world appearance’ archive in the form of HOLONOMETRIA has hit the scene.

Available to access now via the official website, HOLONOMETRIA is honestly a lot more simple than it makes itself out to be. Essentially, it’s a wiki containing all the lore necessary to understand the ‘world creation’ project underpinning Hololive Alternative: it contains, among other things, definitions of keywords such as ayakashi and places like Ooeyama.

Perhaps the most important entry on HOLONOMETRIA thus far is the description of the place known as ‘Yamato.’ This is presumably where Kousuke Kurose’s manga Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~ is set, so it provides some essential context as to the world of that story.

HOLONOMETRIA entry on Yamato

In a word, Yamato is described as a place where people, gods, and ayakashi ‘reside together.’ That explains why Fubuki, Mio, and Ayame are all there, but not why they’re fighting: another entry does. Titled ‘Ooeyama no Onitaiji,’ it’s a short story that talks about a certain ‘demon’ being responsible for recent cases of children disappearing, with Mio and Fubuki sent to investigate. This is obviously Ayame, so it’s not hard to imagine why tensions ran high.

There are also other short stories on HOLONOMETRIA that seem to suggest not all of Hololive Alternative’s lore might be delivered through manga. Currently, there are three entries other than the one mentioned above: one about Fubuki and Mio fighting, one about the in-universe restaurant Mizore Shokudou, and one that’s more ambiguous about gods and iware.

With any luck, these short stories and wiki entries might get translated into English sometime soon, because they’re pretty interesting. It’s also very exciting for fans of these personalities to see them living and breathing in an entirely fictional world, which was one of the reasons why the Hololive Alternative project was so exciting in the first place.

If you want to keep abreast of the Hololive Alternative project, it turns out that HOLONOMETRIA might just be the place to keep your eye on. The site is open now.

hololive and Cover Corp via HOLONOMETRIA
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